Paul Lane

My name is Paul Lane, and I am the founder of Paul Lane Private Personal Training.
I decided to become a full-time personal trainer back in 2015 having already spent many years in the fitness industry working with many individuals of all ages and fitness abilities trying to not just desperately lose weight but to also keep this weight off sustainably too.

Ever since I completed my BTEC National Diploma in Sports & Exercise Science and from there completing my degree in Sports Development & Coaching at the University Of Lincoln, I have been constantly putting funds into my own personal growth and education revolving around the Health & Fitness industry and still do to this day.

All of my life (From the age of 6) I have been involved within Sport (Ice Hockey & Inline Hockey), health, nutrition and fitness, playing at international level for the Men’s Inline Hockey Great Britain Team on two occasions.

All of this has brought me to better understand the importance of what it takes to stay fit, strong and healthy in general for every aspect of our lives and not just for a sport.

Having said this, in the past I have spent a two-year period of my life where I was that person who wanted and needed to lose weight and feel better about myself, which is exactly what I did and haven’t looked back ever since.

I know exactly how being overweight affects your whole life, and I want to be there for those who want to bring about change and become happy, confident and strong.

I am now constantly focusing on not only further progressing my own physique but I also want to use my forever growing skills, experience and my own journey to help others do the same.

The difference with me compared to most other personal trainers within the fitness industry is that I genuinely love my job and have a huge passion in helping others achieve some incredible results both in physical health and mental health too.

I have helped hundreds of people achieve their fitness goals from losing 15lb to 120lb, along with them also gaining a great amount of muscle and definition too.

From this I have gained all of the knowledge, tools and general support I need to take you to achieving your realistic fitness targets.

If you are interested in getting started, you can sign up for one of our packages today but remember you are welcome down for a free consultation prior to making any commitments.

Remember it takes motivation, determination and consistency to succeed onwards to your fitness targets, so it may not always be easy and you may face a few obstacles, but eventually you will find yourself looking at your body image in a whole new positive spectrum. All you have to do is take that first step towards a new life.

Since starting my journey as a personal trainer my business has grown from strength to strength, as I am big believer in constantly giving back to my work and my clients, so I am putting funds back not only into my education but also my private personal training venue too with regards to brand new pieces of equipment as and when necessary.

Celine Gair

My name is Celine Gair. I work alongside Paul at Paul Lane Personal Training.

My journey into the personal training industry was something I decided to pursue a little later in my working life. It wasn’t my original career path but in completing my own transformation I fell in love with training and fitness and have never looked back.

Throughout my younger years up until the age of 20 I was very focused on becoming a marine biologist. At the age of 18 I got a job at the local leisure centre as a Lifeguard. Throughout my 9years of my employment at the leisure centre I found I enjoyed the leisure industry. I made the decision to progress my leisure career by gaining more and more qualifications.

I always did sports as a child from dancing, taekwondo, swimming, netball, trampolining to equestrian sports. In all these sports I got to a reasonable level but never developed the discipline needed around nutrition.

I’ve always struggled with my weight and did various fad diets over the years not really understanding why, I just knew that I needed to lose weight. But in 2017 I decided to take the plunge and get a personal trainer. This is where my journey with Paul began. I knew Paul from working at the leisure centre so I contacted him. I was 17stone and very unhappy with my life, I needed to do something. Through correct guidance and education, I lost 7 stone and became the fittest and healthiest I have ever been and fell in love with training and here my PT career began. I gained my Level 3 qualification and started with a small group of clients and developed from there.

The first year of personal training for me was a difficult year, having to deal with covid, becoming ill myself and various lifestyle changes could have very easily ended the career before it started. But trusting the process and believing in myself and my knowledge has paid off.

Me and Paul pride ourselves in continually trying to better ourselves by doing practical and online courses gaining extra qualifications to help make us more experienced and knowledgeable coaches. We also put everything we can back into the business by buying new equipment to expand our private gym.

I have helped many clients achieve their various goals. From weight loss, muscle gain, general improvement in their nutrition and health and fitness. Every client has different goals and different reasons for wanting to achieve them. I am here to pass on my knowledge and experience to guide them along their journey and to see them succeed. Going through my own various transformations helps me to better understand what clients feel from the emotional and physical side of a transformation journey.

Consistency is key to any journey and trusting in the process, being truthful to yourself is what will allow you to succeed. And we will be here to guide you along the way from start to finish.

The Gym

Our private personal training gym guarantees exactly that, 1-2-1 privacy with you and your trainer in a fully equipped state of the art friendly gym environment.

This guarantees you no issues with members hogging any gym equipment and disrupting your session in anyway allowing you to focus 100% on you and your own individual needs each and every private session.

We offer both private 1-2-1 personal training sessions and also small group private personal training sessions too. The private small group sessions work well for those who would like to keeps the costs down slightly for your personal training experience here with us.

We are constantly putting funds back into our private gym and business by making new purchases of fitness equipment as and when possible and also ourselves as coaches through practical and online courses throughout the year, keeping our equipment and general knowledge on top of the game and up to date within every aspect of a forever-growing fitness industry.

Our general client base is a mixture of all age groups starting from 16 years old right up to the ages of 72 years old. Within these age categories we have a combination of many unique and varied fitness abilities, body shapes and sizes.

We have also found our private venue to be very popular for those who suffer with mental health issues from stress, anxiety and depression in particular. With every 1-2-1 session being strictly private and a safe zone to those who do not feel comfortable in a busy, loud, intimidating commercial gym environment.