35 per session
5 Sessions £165, 10 Sessions £325


45 per session
5 Sessions £215, 10 Sessions £420


51 per session
10 Sessions £480


Other sessions avaliable see price guide


"Guaranteed Results On Helping You Achieve Your Realistic Health and Fitness Goals"

Personal Training is something I have always had a huge passion and desire for, every since I was studying my BTEC National Diploma in Sports and Exercise Science, which left me to continue my studies to continually learn and increase my knowledge, to offer the best service possible.

"Paul is great! He always finds new ways to keep me and my partner interested so we never get bored."

Oliver Cooke - Client

Diet Plans

Constructed nutrition plans designed specifically to help you reach your health and fitness goals. These diet plans enable you to prepare your daily meal plans for a weekly basis, going through all three main meals of the day down to your varied snack intake throughout each week. We will go through all of your calorie intake and nutritional needs and design you a nutritional plan that best suits you and your specific life style.

Personal Training

We offer a variety of different training block packages to suit your needs and to also help you save money where possible. There are individual 1-2-1 session costs all the way through to 5, 10, 15 and 20 block packages available, so don't miss out on these. Two client and three client sessions are available too, these are also available in block booking packages so your not missing out on a discount to your session costs. Group personal training is also available on set days which makes personal training more affordable for everyone, whilst also achieving the same similar benefits from 1-2-1 sessions.

Sports Massage

Sports massage therapy is available upon request too and is currently on a discounted rate up until the end of January. This service can be used for general maintenance of your bodies daily physical challenges or also for sports rehab work for injuries and sports performance. Highly recommended for those who train frequently on a weekly basis as sports massage can be utilised as a form of injury preventative treatment. Helps maintain good health of muscles and connective tissues, range of movement and progressional improvements and maintenance of body posture.

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